Meet our ambassadors

Alexander Reynaert

Software Architect

I’ve been working at Realdolmen since September 2010. I work within the Microsoft Community, which now host more than 140 consultants at Realdolmen. Some of them are Microsoft MVP who have also gained a reputation as guest speakers at national and international conferences.

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Johnny Smets

Managing Director

I myself am the living example that things can go quickly here. For those who are rearing to go, the opportunities naturally present themselves. With over 800 clients in our portfolio, we’re a playground for anyone who wants to make a difference in IT.

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David Hemmerijckx

JAVA Lead Developer

I started out as a trainee, was then hired as a Java developer and I’m now on my way to my next position as lead developer. Ambition is really welcomed here: you can invest in your own career and your manager supports you in that endeavour.

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Susy Meeus

Senior QA Engineer

After a career as a Software Testing Consultant for large ICT companies, it was a real eye-opener to discover how dynamic and efficient things are at Realdolmen. As a Senior QA Engineer, I’m responsible for software quality on a wide variety of projects, which has allowed me to rapidly expand my knowledge.

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Jeroen Van Hecke

System Engineer

For the last 2.5 years I’ve been part of a consulting team where technology and professionalism are very important. It’s great to work together with these specialists on different projects. Knowledge sharing is what makes our group so successful.

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Yannick De Jonghe

Software Engineer

As a .NET Software Engineer, I was looking for a job with the necessary challenge and many career opportunities. Right from my very first meeting at Realdolmen, I immediately realized that this company matched my expectations and ambition.

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Nicolas Clark

Front End Web Developer

I started working for Gfi in 2014 as a Front End Web Developer and this was actually my first long-term contract experience. So far, it has definitely been a great experience. I am working with talented and experienced people from who I am learning every day.

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Christof Luyten


I spent my first month at Gfi in the Gfi Academy with 4 other new analyst-developers. Every day a subject-matter expert taught us about their particular domain of expertise. The Gfi Academy covered a large range of topics such as front-end development, agile development and business intelligence. At the end of the Gfi academy, we worked together on a project for a customer.

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