Application procedure

CV check

Professional recruiters will screen your application for the skills needed for the job and see if these match.


If your profile has the required skills, you’ll be invited to our offices for a first interview.


Next, a department manager will screen your technological and functional competencies.

Contract offer

Once all interviewers are convinced that you’re the best candidate for the vacancy, we’ll proceed to the next step: a contract offer with Inetum-Realdolmen.


As a student, nothing beats an internship to get a taste of real work life. Here at Inetum-Realdolmen, every year we offer several internships. Join us as an intern and get individual support and supervision from an experienced professional!

The reasons to do an internship are plenty. This is your chance to get practical work experience. Use your internship as a “trial run” to explore “market” options and gain practical experience to boost your CV. If you’re not entirely clear on what you want to do with your degree yet, an internship gives you the opportunity to explore different possibilities, or even open up new avenues. Doing an internship can even be a straight line to a job offer!

Interested? Contact us at internship@inetum-realdolmen.world

Career management

As an employee, it is clear that you have expectations towards your employer such as efficient follow-up and focus on your ambitions and future development. We have several processes to monitor your career evolution. With project debriefings, we take the time to look back at your performance and the obtained results together with your direct management and our client. And personal feedback on your project experience is equally important to us.

Besides these meetings, there are several informal contacts with your Business Unit Manager, Account Manager, Mentor and HR Manager. This allows you to stay in touch throughout the year, and you have always someone you can turn to if you want to discuss specific issues. In order to support these contacts, we organize regular feedback sessions and technical sessions.

Personal development

We invest a lot in your career planning & development to increase the added value of both parties. Well trained consultants are the best way to ensure excellent results with our clients. In return our consultants benefit from their efforts through a fair compensation.

In order to support your career development, we use a custom made career management system, which includes role descriptions and competences. Your role might be a combination of different tasks and responsabilities. Most of our employees like to combine different roles. The roles vary from project to project and depend on your personal expectations!

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