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Recognized as one of Europe’s leaders in digital services, certified Top Employer Europe 2024 and driven by continuous growth for over ten years, Inetum is the digital services industry’s digital impact. Present in 19 countries, the group combines local excellence and innovative power to offer tremendous prospects to its 28,000 employees and future candidates. The company’s entrepreneurial spirit coupled with its rapid growth opens up prospects for rapid development and mobility. The advanced deployment of generative AI in two pioneering BUs (Western France and Northern Spain) reflects this state of mind, andhe roll-out of the Do You Speak GenAI, Inetum in-house training program has enabled a massive skills upgrade for all employees.

Evolving at the heart of major digital revolutions, from data to generative AI, its teams, driven by an entrepreneurial and collaborative culture, implement tailor-made technological solutions that benefit companies and public players, as well as society as a whole. Committed to a responsible digital transformation, Inetum is a group with a human dimension, that tackles the issues of diversity and inclusion in tech head-on: women, young people, the disabled, seniors, hired both in teams as well as in top management.

Growing at Inetum-Realdolmen

We are a certified Top Employer

The Top Employers Institute, the global authority for certifying progressive working conditions, awarded us the Top Employer Belgium certificate in 2023. The international Inetum Group can also count on receiving a Top Employer Europe certificate.

Time and again, the institute rewards organizations that show they care for the development and well-being of their people. This year, they are also marking our organization as such a people-oriented company, a recognition that pleases us greatly. After all, we want to provide our employees with the best work experience by being their employer of choice, which strengthens the individual, the team and the organization.

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We are Inetum

Everyone is unique

At our company, everyone is free to be themselves. We believe that the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our employees and all the people with whom we work make us more resilient, creative and innovative, so we are even better equipped to help our customers achieve their goals in this diverse world. Learn more about it here.

Our Way of Working

To be able to give our customers the best possible total experience, our employees need to be happy too. That’s why we focus on our employees in everything we do. Hybrid working is one of our most important levers for this. That way, we can concentrate on the achievement of results and value. 

Our vision on our Way of Working, or WOW, has six components. Together, these define what hybrid working means to our company. They invite dialogue. Our ultimate goal is the creation of an enjoyable workplace for our people. So that they, in turn, can support our customers in achieving a Positive Digital Flow.

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Soon-to-be graduate or young professional? Sign up for Inetum-Realdolmen’s acADDemICT Track and take the reins of your professional future.

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# WeAreInetum

Our hashtag to tell existing and new employees what we stand for as an employer. But also the hashtag that conveys our pride. We have plenty of strengths and daily successes to celebrate.

Women in Data Science: Humans are Biased not Technology

The Women in Data Science (WiDS) conference in Ghent, held on May 17, is part of a global initiative designed to inspire and educate data professionals worldwide, regardless of gender, and to support women in the field. Two of our colleagues, Rossana Della Ghelfa (Smart Data Consultant) and Cin Vermeiren (Smart Data Specialised Sales), attended this first-ever WiDS conference held in Belgium, and they are happy to share some insights with you.

Prague Calling: Salesforce Takeaways from Czech Dreamin' 2024

On Friday, May 17, I had the pleasure of attending Czech Dreamin’, a Salesforce conference for the user community in Europe. Established in 2019, it has become Prague's leading Salesforce event, offering an unforgettable blend of learning experiences, engaging activities, and networking opportunities. Here are some personal reflections on this inspiring day.  

Boost Sales Efficiency with Salesforce Einstein GPT Automation

In an uncertain economy and a rapidly changing technology landscape, finding new ways to foster productivity and employee engagement are critical to the success of today’s businesses.  Companies with a strong innovation culture stand to benefit from the advent of GenAI as they are uniquely positioned to utilize AI capabilities to find strategic value in new revenue streams through automation. Utilizing Salesforce Einstein AI capabilities will help in placing organizations in a leadership position in the competitive landscape.  

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