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Data & Analytics Consultant

Flemish Brabant, Flanders - Belgium


Within the Digital Connected Company & Innovation we are focused on delivering solutions that solve problems of our customers to become a more data-driven organization. In order to support our Unit we are looking for Big Data / Analytics consultants. Which are able to implement the End-2-End platform, as data originates in all places in the business and can come from outside partners, clients, public services. The data-driven platform need to capture, manage the quality, integrate and use all the types of data (structured and unstructured) in order to bring value to the business. 

As Data & Analytics Consultant you have experience from master data management, over big data, data lakes to data science and machine learning, so both in the more traditional data context and with the new possibilities from big data solutions and Artificial Intelligence.

What we expect you to do:

  • You are able to listen to business in a data context, by understanding their challenge and shaping a data solution that brings value.
  • You have experience in different data engineering domains; data ingestions from batch, ETL to streaming sources and processing, cleaning techniques
  • Setting up data management as well as from a technical point of view (the data model, integration, authorization) as from an organization point of view (data stewardship) in order to manage the quality including data lineage, creating golden records, survivorship, …
  • Your have a hands-on background in data platforms (e.g Azure, AWS, Google, Databricks, Boomi, Collibra, …)
  • You have experience in different data consumption techniques from a traditional to more advanced analytics and AI perspective. (BI, Power BI, Tableau, PyTorch, TensorFlow, …)


  • You obtained a master’s degree in applied statistics, computer science, engineering or similar by experience
  • You are passionate about data and analytics technology and trends
  • Have at least 3 years’ experience in implementing data solution and analytics
  • Have knowledge about data architecture, data integration, big data, date lakes, data visualization, computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning
  • You have relevant certificates in Azure, AWS, GCP, DataBricks, Collibra, Snowflake, …
  • Have at least 1 year experience with Relational database technology
  • Have at least 1 year experience with NoSQL database technology
  • You possess a good understanding of clustering, predictive modeling techniques and recommender systems
  • You have a pro-active mindset
  • You communicate clearly in Dutch and/or French and English (both written and spoken).
  • You are able to organize, facilitate and lead workshops

You get bonus points if…

  • You have experience in Python, R, Scala
  • You have expertise with PyTorch and/or TensorFlow


  • The opportunity to have a meaningful job where you can make a difference
  • The chance to continuously evolve as a professional, coupled with a variety of training opportunities
  • Relevant career opportunities to get you where you want to be, with the IT knowledge you need
  • Realdolmen wants you to find a balance between work and private life by offering flexible hours, satellite offices, home working and an informal no-nonsense environment
  • 32 days of annual leave, because life isn’t all about workingµ
  • Forget about the miles: we provide you with a company car and a national fuel card µ
  • Group insurance and hospitalization insurance, because we care about you
  • And of course, we also offer a gross salary. One which is optimised from a net perspective for our employees!

Interested? Questions? Recommendations? For more information contact our recruiter, Bram Van der Biest, directly at 02 801 54 69

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