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Unit Manager (Service Delivery)


Realdolmen helps translate business strategies into efficient and reliable ICT solutions. For IT Outsourcing, this entails a partnership where, together with the client, we ensure the optimal use of part or all of their ICT environment. Based on SLAs, we apply a flexible outsourcing approach, so that the client can focus on their core business and Realdolmen focuses on what it does best: IT.


Within ITO, you’ll get to manage the team of service delivery managers. That means you’ll be in charge of a diverse team of highly experienced professionals, who’re dedicated to ensuring utmost client satisfaction.

As a Unit Manager, you’ll be part of the IT Outsourcing (ITO) department where over 250 people support countless clients every day in the field of IT. You’ll be reporting directly to the Group Manager within ITO.

Here’s what you’ll get up to…

People management

  • You’ll be the point of contact for our employees, and you’ll be there to support them.
  • You’ll be in charge of identifying your employees’ individual needs and motivations, but also the team’s needs. You’ll work closely with HR for this.
  • You’ll be in charge of creating a safe environment where employees are free to speak, and where feedback can be given constructively.
  • You’ll get to coach, guide, challenge and motivate your team members to bring out the best in them.
  • You’ll be in charge of making sure that your people can grow, so that everyone’s talents can be utilized optimally.
  • You’ll take care of the recruitment, training and supervision of new employees.

Operational management

  • Client satisfaction will be the measure of your success: you’ll get to build on the foundations that have already been set up to continuously improve external and internal client satisfaction.
  • You’ll get to adjust the size of the team to perfectly fit the current and future workload.
  • You’ll support your team through the transition from earlier operational drivers to real business relationship management. In order to be able to coach your team well, you’ll be getting hands-on yourself. You’ll also be ensuring the correct application of methods and procedures.
  • Working together is key to Realdolmen’s success: you’ll get to maintain very positive relations with the various parts of the organization. This way, you’ll also get to build the bridge between your team and the operations department.
  • You’ll be the point of contact for your employees in case of escalations and you support them in this. You prefer to give confidence rather than answers to every question you get. Giving responsibility and self-management determine your leadership style.
  • You actively manage the budget and take care of the necessary follow-up. You also report monthly on the activities of your team.
  • You propose improvements in the operation within your own team, coordinate these with the rest of the organization and implement them. To this end, you will conduct research into new technology in the field of service delivery management and alternative methods of efficiency.
  • You’ll help us to grow our share of the Belgian IT Outsourcing market.

Knowledge management

  • You’ll get to inspire your team members, and together create a vision of what IT Outsourcing should look like tomorrow. You’ll be the one guiding your team towards achieving that vision.
  • You’ll organize the safeguarding, dissemination and expansion of knowledge, using the right programs and internal communication networks.

Your profile

Does this describe you to a T?

  • Do you have a master’s degree or equivalent experience?
  • Do you have IT Outsourcing experience? If you have an ITIL certification, even better!
  • Are you interested in ICT and know all about it?
  • Do you naturally empathize with clients regarding their technology and business processes to best assess how these impact their business?
  • Do you have at least 5 years’ relevant experience as a people manager and/or operational manager?
  • Are you fluent in Dutch, as well as English and French?
  • Do you know how to translate a vision into a clear plan and follow it through in a structured way?
  • Is leading and coaching people second-nature to you?
  • Are you great at getting your ideas across and even better at listening?
  • You are flexible, proactive and open-minded?
  • Do you work well on your own, but make every decision based on the interests of the team?
  • Are you good at helping employees interpret tasks and give them confidence?
  • Are you a people person? Are you empathetic and emotionally aware? Do you naturally motivate and inspire people?
  • Do you have a way with words? And are you great at networking, both internally and externally?
  • Are you always clear and transparent in the way you communicate, even when you have bad news to deliver?
  • Are you pragmatic at heart?
  • Are you client-oriented and business-minded?
  • Are you entrepreneurial and driven by results?
  • Are you ambitious, and need to be challenged?
  • Are you a free spirit in the way you think and how you act?
  • Do you get a sense of purpose from providing help and support?
  • Do you deal well with stress and work best under pressure?
  • Do you have great analytical skills?
  • Do you never lose sight of the bigger picture, even on highly complex projects?
  • Are you good at organizing, coordinating and solving problems quickly?

Join us, we’ll make it worth your while!

Our offer

Become a part of Realdolmen’s story and write your own future.

  • Get every opportunity to grow and learn, thanks to:
    • a dynamic team of experienced specialists
    • a challenging environment in which knowledge and innovation are central
  • Live life to the full, with a competitive salary package and great perks, including hospitalization insurance, group health insurance, meal vouchers and a company car and a fuel card.
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