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Solutions Consultant (SharePoint)


What do you do for a living?

My mom thinks I’m a computer wiz.
My friends think I classify files on servers.
What I actually do is help people become more productive at work.


I’m listening, go on…

I help business people perform tasks more efficiently. I analyze our customer’s current way of working, and I propose SharePoint and Office 365 solutions to improve their business processes.
Our solutions save our customers a lot of time in their daily activities- it’s a win-win! If they’re happy, I’m happy!


What’s a day in your life look like?

I get to wear many “hats” at my job, which makes each day different. (I don’t literally wear hats J)
Some days I visit customers and facilitate a workshop. The goal is to listen to their concerns and to find solutions. 
Other days I work together with the team at one of the offices to create a solution that we plan on presenting.
Sometimes I prepare a training session at home, so I can practice in front of my dog (he’s hard to keep entertained).
Coaching other colleagues is also important. I take time to assist other colleagues, and I learn new things from them too. It’s a good dynamic.

What about your team?

My team members are eager to know the ins and outs of SharePoint and Office 365, they are helpful and they are the kind of people you can count on.
We regularly meet as a team to share knowledge, which comes in handy when someone’s stuck on a complex requirement. Pizza is often involved.
Some colleagues like to do a deep dive into coding, programming their own solutions using the new SharePoint Framework. Others, like me, have a functional role.
Ideas are not only listened to, they are shared and used.

Your profile

Realdolmen, a Gfi company, sounds like a cool company to work for, what kind of people are they looking for?

They are looking for people who are creative and pragmatic when it comes to defining solutions. Being willing to learn is important- I always stay up to date with the latest and greatest of Microsoft technologies. As a consultant, it’s important that I listen to my customers, so being a good listener is key.


What languages do you use in your job?

My native language is Dutch, but I speak French often as well. With our international customers we usually communicate in English, but you would do just fine with 2 languages.

Our offer

This all sounds great! But why did you choose for Realdolm, a Gfi Group Company?

Well first of all, I’m involved in exciting projects from start to end: from analysis to implementation and user adoption: I take part in all phases of a project!

Getting to know the customer early on in the project, and seeing their happy faces at the end is very rewarding- it allows me to grow and evolve as a professional. On top of that, Gfi invests in me, and I get the chance to learn about new technologies and attend conferences all over Europe.

In addition, my work-life balance is great! Work has never been more flexible: I can work at different locations, including working from home. However, that being said, our kicker table and Xbox console does lure me in to the office regularly!

You better bring your A-game when you apply! 😉

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