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Lead Developer (.NET)


Are you that new .NET Lead Developer we’re looking for?

If you get energy from leading a team, if your passion is coaching and motivating other (junior) developers, you just might be.

As a .NET Lead Developer, you’ll follow up projects from start to end! It’s your job to make from new and ongoing projects a success!

You detect problems early and fix them with the right solution as fast as possible. You’re quick in turning a functional requirement into a technical analysis with the supporting architecture.

Project follow-up, clear communication and passing on knowledge and expertise to your colleagues? If that’s what you do best, you’ll be right at home within our MSC Community.

Your profile

Are you…

  • An experienced (senior) .NET Developer, deeply passionate about IT?
  • A team player who’s not afraid to speak their mind and experience in working in an Agile/Scrum team?
  • Customer oriented?
  • The one who has the needed knowledge to take the scrummaster role in a team?
  • Up for lifelong learning?
  • A pattern-thinking problem solver?
  • An all-round inspirer, motivator, leader and coach?
  • A .NET stack wizard?
  • A coach and motivator of junior developers or supervising an internship?
  • Fluent in Dutch and English? Maybe even in French too?
  • Someone with a clear view and experience on company processes and production environments in different sectors?


  • 5+ years’ experience in .NET Framework & .NET Core
  • C# has no secrets for you as well ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework
  • You know how to build a RESTful WebApi
  • You have a deep knowledge to write performant SQL queries
  • You are a fullstack developer: you are not afraid to do some javascript
  • You know the difference between AngularJS & Angular and have demonstrable experience in both
  • You write SOLID or REST uppercased
  • Design Patterns is more than something visual for you
  • You know how to define the technical architecture of a project, based on the needs and requirements of the customer?
  • You can follow and motivate other to follow technical guidelines defined by an architect.

Then here’s what we’ve got for you!

Our offer

  • Enjoy a great lifestyle, with perks like an entertainment allowance, a home office allowance, electronic meal vouchers and EcoCheques.
  • Peace of mind, with our group health insurance and hospitalization insurance
  • Ride in style and enjoy your road trips on us, with a company car and fuel card
  • Live life to the full, with 32 days of annual leave
  • Be the best at what you want to do with our wide range of training options (Pluralsight, Cevora, Techorama…)
  • Take your career where you want to go, with a personal development plan to help you become a Domain Expert, an Application Architect…
  • Fill up on employee benefits at Collishop and Stevie, discounted mobile cloud services, and much more…
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