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Infrastructure Project Manager


Realdolmen is not a standard ICT company. ICT companies almost always focus on and depart from technology.
Realdolmen first focuses on the results its customers can achieve, and works out the technological aspects based on that.

At Realdolmen we firmly believe that ICT should make the functioning of people and companies more efficient and, above all, simpler. Isn’t that what ICT is all about?

We are also convinced that if you make something simpler, you will at the same time also make it more efficient.
We ensure that ICT becomes an effective tool for furthering the business goals of our customers by putting ourselves in their shoes and finding out what they are involved in and what motivates and drives them. We make customers’ lives easier primarily by being the expert in ICT technologies and in the execution of ICT projects and outsourcing programs. That way we remove the complexity that is inherent to that entire ICT domain and we allow customers to concentrate on what their company should be doing.

As Project Manager, you are responsible for preparing the project plan and for the planning of infrastructure projects, monitoring and updating budgets, issues, risks and scope, detecting and managing change, team management, and quality control. You take care of internal and external communication and reporting, make preparations for the working groups and steering groups and take care of reporting their activities, and are responsible for managing the internal services, the customer, and third parties. Finally, you provide support in the presales phase of a project by coordinating the preparation of complex tenders, estimating, evaluating, and/or monitoring the project management component within tenders and project risk analysis.

Your profile

  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in managing projects of at least 100 man-days
  • A broad technical understanding of the functional aspects as well as technical concepts and operational management within ICT.
  • Familiar with the following technical concepts: OS, server platforms, storage, networking, security, 3-tier, collaboration, application delivery (server-based computing, software distribution), management systems
  • Experience in coaching and managing people
  • Experience with a project methodology is an advantage
  • Willingness to quickly familiarize yourself with certain technical aspects if necessary
  • Good knowledge of Dutch, French and English
  • Good communication skills
  • Driven and passionate when it comes to making a success of your project
  • Good organizational skills and a healthy dose of creativity
  • Used to working accurately and precisely
  • Customer oriented

Our offer

  • Continuous upgrading of your own professional knowledge
  • Exciting job in a dynamic ICT company featuring a ‘no-nonsense’ culture
  • Pleasant, stimulating work environment and the opportunity to realize your professional ambitions
  • Real growth opportunities in terms of both position in the organization and technological expertise
  • Competitive market-based salary package
  • Company car
  • Additional fringe benefits
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