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Engineer (IoT)


To get there, together

Are you ready for the next step in your career? Want to surround yourself with other bright minds and make an impact together?

As an IoT engineer, you and your colleagues will be the ones coming up with IoT solutions for clients. You’ll get to bring these solutions to life too, integrating them into their existing architecture so that they can participate in the “Connected World”.

You’ll also work together with fellow developers and architects to develop hardware and software prototypes – the foundations for the actual development of solutions.

Your profile

  • Do you have hands-on experience with telecom wireless networks?
  • Have you already worked on developing prototypes, and do you know your way around rapid prototyping?
  • Have you had a go at Raspberry pi, Arduino and other proprietary hardware prototyping?
  • Do you have a good grasp of mobile technology (LTE, LTE-M, NB-IoT, LoRa, SigFox, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.)?
  • Do you have experience working on cloud solution architecture (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services)?
  • Do you know the basics of OSI stack and how connectivity protocols work (Routing, Switching, VPN, MQTT, CoAP, AMQP, HTTP, SSL, HTTPS, Nginx, Mosquitto, Load Balancing)?
  • Are you a test automation wizard (Unit Test, CPPUnit, JUnit, SOAPUI, Mocha, Regression, JMeter)?
  • Do you have experience with specific database technology (Big Data, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Spark, Elastic Stack)?
  • And how about data security (Cryptography, Authentication, Non-repudiation, Encryption, Ciphers, Public Key Infrastructure, AES, RSA, SSL, TLS, VPN etc.)? That experience will definitely come in handy!
  • If you have practical knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and event processing, that’ll also work to your advantage…
  • Do you have a good grasp of Agile software development, including DevOps, and experience working on it?
  • Do you like thinking creatively and turning problems into solutions?
  • Are you known for your “can-do” attitude, and creating trust in project teams and with management?
  • Are you quite the orator?
  • Are you fluent in Dutch and English, and maybe even French as well?
  • Are you adaptable and do you deal well with stress?
  • Above all, are you ambitious and rearing to go? Your energy and motivation will be your greatest assets in this role – you’ll need to stay up to speed and on top of relevant developments in the field!

If so, we have a great offer for you…


Our offer

  • The opportunity to have a meaningful job where you can make a difference
  • The chance to continuously evolve as a professional, coupled with a variety of training opportunities
  • Relevant career opportunities to get you where you want to be, with the IT knowledge you need
  • Realdolmen wants you to find a balance between work and private life by offering flexible hours, satellite offices, home working and an informal no-nonsense environment
  • 32 days of annual leave, because life isn’t all about working
  • Forget about the miles: we provide you with a company car and a national fuel card 
  • Group insurance and hospitalization insurance, because we care about you
  • And of course, we also offer a gross salary. One which is optimised from a net perspective for our employees!


Interested? Questions? Recommendations? For more information, contact our recruiter directly: or 02 801 54 69

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