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DevOps Consultant – Business Agility Coach


We believe that every company benefits from business agility in order to excel in the market.
We achieve this by optimizing the way ideas are transformed into business value in a pragmatic way.
We do this by providing multi-disciplinary teams supporting and improving your people, processes and tool ecosystems. 

Our team of Agile Coaches is a strategic part of our Software Delivery Enablement Services, an offering that groups all competences with regards to methodology, tool ecosystems and coaching.

Over the years, (Biz)DevOps has become a crucial key area where we:

  • Help our customers to use modern and up-to-date tooling ecosystems and automation. If needed we can even take these ecosystems under our management where we become a managed service provider.
  • Help our customers, but also teams within Realdolmen to reach a higher software delivery maturity level

The Realdolmen Business Agility team helps customers to improve their End to End processes, from idea to user story to delivery (and even the short feedback loop leading to new ideas). Gain insight in “how work works” in order to work on the right things at the right time, organically build a framework with the help of Lean and Agile techniques to foster self-organization and continuous improvement. With an eye for people, processes & tools that lead to higher productivity, transparency, quality and last but not least customer delight.

We are connected through a unique vision combining end-to-end DevOps, single source capabilities and a strong team, making us a preferred and respected DevOps partner in Belgium!



In everything we do we keep the Agile values in mind and make use of the various techniques to enable this. Why should this be different for the recruitment of our new team members. In the story map below you can find the key information. We are happy to further discuss and update this one together with you!

Your profile

What we value in our team:

  • E2E Thinking
  • Learning by doing
  • Continuous improvement
  • Make people awesome

Must have:

  • Knowledge Agile Frameworks
  • Big interest in flow thinking
  • Trigger change to efficiency
  • Strong facilitation skills
  • Story slicing
  • Strive for collaboration
  • Persue predictability
  • Focus on value

Should have:

  • Agile Portfolio Management
  • Agile Leadership
  • Tooling knowledge
  • Kaizen
  • Abstract thinking

Nice to have (or we’re happy to help you master these):

  • Visualisation skills
  • Certifications (but we’re more interested in your experience)



Our offer

  • You will be working together with an open-minded group of colleagues; a group rich with a variety of personalities, backgrounds and work experience.
  • Cooperation and knowledge sharing is an everyday reality. Ideas are not only listened to, they are also shared and used
  • Be part of the Realdolmen family, where you have many opportunities to give direction to your career
  • A chance to grow and learn
  • A competitive salary package (Company car, extra-legal benefits, …)
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