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Developers in Ghent, Kontich, Huizingen, Mons & Lummen (Java)


For our Project Factory we are looking for experienced JAVA Developers who want to work effectively in Ghent, Kontich, Huizingen, Mons or Lummen.

Project Factory:

Is it you we’re looking for?

  • Are you a geek at heart?
  • Are you resourceful and full of initiative?
  • Do you want to be a consultant, not a cubicle programmer?
  • Would you rather solve challenging problems than fix (or create) bugs?
  • Are you ambitious and always up for something new?
  • Do you have the perfect balance of assertiveness and being a team player?
  • Get ready to sink your teeth into some serious work!
  • Are you fluent in Dutch and English, and maybe even French as well?
  • Are you tired of standard run-of-the-mill projects? Our Java teams work on large and challenging development and integration projects. If you’re full of passion and creativity, this role will offer you plenty of opportunities to grow.

Join a SCRUM team with the best tools

We usually work in teams. Some of our teams work for our clients, others operate from a Realdolmen office.

You’ll work in our Software Factory with a stable workplace, in Ghent, Kontich or Lummen. You’ll be part of a SCRUM team, with the best tools.

Your profile

What technology do we use?

The sky is the limit, but it mostly comes down to:

  • Java EE with EJB3.x, JPA 2.x, JSF 2.X and
  • Spring stack
  • JS frameworks of all sorts, like AngularJS, etc.
  • Everything that usually runs on a JBoss application server, Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere or ‘simply’ a Tomcat web server.
  • Atlassian, Git, SVN, Dynatrace, jRebel… You name it, we have it!

Are you comfortable with these tools? Do you have even better ideas? If so, looks like you’re cut out just right for the job!

Our offer

Get the rewards you deserve

  • Strong coffee to get you going
  • A great team that you’ll enjoy working with
  • Get ahead, with a range of relevant career opportunities
  • Enjoy life, with a good salary and handy perks
  • Enjoy a higher net salary with IP (Intellectual Property) rewards
  • We’ve got you covered, with a solid laptop with SSD
  • Focus on the important stuff, and we’ll set you up with a car that works for your situation
  • Say goodbye to traffic jams: enjoy a flexible work schedule and, work from any Realdolmen office of your choice (Mons, Kontich, Heverlee, Ghent, Lummen, Huizingen…) or from home (when allowed by the customer)!
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