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Customer Support Engineer


Our Professional Services division is looking for an experienced all-round Windows Client Support Engineer, could it be you? Are you eager to prove yourself professionally and know you can convince clients of your value? If you’ve got a solid appetite for work and are keen to join a strong team to make it even stronger, then you’ll fit right in!

As a Windows Client Support Engineer, you’ll get to be fully in charge of executing the assignments our clients entrust you with:

  • You’ll be providing 2nd– to 3rd-level front-end support (analysis, configuration, upgrading, maintenance)
  • You’ll get to ensure the success of small frontend projects from start to finish
  • You’ll be supporting the “backend” environment and will get to further develop your skills in that domain.
  • You’ll write and maintain documentation.
  • You’ll provide hardware support.
  • And much more…

Your profile

  • You already have several years’ experience in IT as a Windows Client Support Engineer, and front-end IT infrastructure systems hold no secrets for you.
  • You know all about ICT concepts, technology and products.
  • You’ve studied and/or have experience with the tasks and software below, and possibly even a supporting certification
    • Windows Office
    • Active Directory administration
    • Software deployment
    • front-end software
  • You’ll also thrive in this job if…
    • You speak good Dutch/French
    • You work well both on your own and in a team
    • You handle stress well
    • You’re creative
    • Whether it’s technical or administrative, you like to get things done efficiently and accurately

Our offer

  • Keep learning and upgrading your expertise
  • Spread your wings, working for a dynamic ICT company with a ‘no-nonsense’ culture.
  • Real career opportunities to get you where you want to be, with the IT knowledge you need
  • Live life to the full with a competitive salary
  • Ride in style with a company car
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The secret is the mix of talent

Everyone grows, thanks to the ideal combination of young and experienced talent!

We are therefore convinced that a team with the right mix of youth and experience, with their own typical talents, works best for everyone. That way the customer, employee and employer get the best of both worlds.

Optimisation and maximum unburdening from hardware and software licenses

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