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AI Innovation Lead Architect


Within the Innovation organization we are looking for an AI Innovation Lead Architect to strengthen our team.

You will be in charge of shaping the AI business venture within Realdolmen: From inspiration & evangelization with customers on the possibilities of AI/ML, towards assessing customer possibilities, start with building proof of concepts & pilots, and delivering end-to-end projects

You are a data engineer/scientist with an entrepreneurial and consultative mindset. You can talk to engineers, public administrations, or any kind of stakeholder to capture requirements and translate these into data solutions. You are able to convince different stakeholders of the added value of these solutions. You know about  data ingestion from IoT gateways, store the data in the appropriate data base, pre-process the data and perform advanced analytics on the data. To leverage the data solution, you write algorithms (supervised and unsupervised learning) and integrate the results of the algorithms to a back-end system.


What we expect you to do:

  • Shape the Realdolmen AI value proposition/customer offering including the elaboration of marketing collateral, the identification of solution architectures, defining the partner ecosystem that supports our services, etc.
  • Take initial steps in presales: elaborate customer proposals, deliver proof of concepts & pilots
  • Capture business requirements and translate them into data solutions: Bring ideas to the next level by exploring, evaluating and prioritizing AI opportunities based on user needs, business context, technical feasibility and other characteristics
  • Design and build data platform architectures.
  • Integrate predictive models and classifiers into a scalable production platform
  • Implement both supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms (fluently written in R / Python)
  • Lead agile implementation projects involving stakeholders, data engineers, data scientists and developers


  • You obtained a master’s degree in applied statistics or computer science
  • You are a real entrepreneur
  • You possess a deep understanding of clustering, manifold learning, predictive modeling techniques and recommended systems
  • You have experience in setting up smart data solutions on public cloud providers (e.g. Azure, AWS, Google)
  • You have a hands-on background in different data domains (Data Mining, Data Engineering, Data Science, etc.)
  • You know about data architecture, data integration, big data, date lakes, data science, computer vision, natural language processing, and speech recognition.
  • You have experience with dashboards & visualizations to do the necessary BI reporting
  • You can handle stress and a multi-focus job.
  • You have excellent communication skills and report smoothly (both oral and written)
  • You have a commercial attitude and are able to convince customers to work with us.
  • You are used to giving presentations to clients at a management level, but you have sufficient insight into the technical matters to be able to talk along on that level as well.
  • You communicate clearly in Dutch and English (both written and spoken).

You get bonus points if…

  • You are able to setup real-time computing frameworks
  • You have expertise in PyTorch and/or TensorFlow

If that’s you, come in and have a talk with us!



  • The opportunity to have a meaningful job where you can make a difference
  • The chance to continuously evolve as a professional, coupled with a variety of training opportunities
  • Relevant career opportunities to get you where you want to be, with the IT knowledge you need
  • Realdolmen wants you to find a balance between work and private life by offering flexible hours, satellite offices and home working
  • 32 days of annual leave, because life isn’t all about working
  • Forget about the miles: we provide you with a company car and a national fuel card
  • Group insurance and hospitalization insurance, because we care about you
  • And of course, we also offer a gross salary. One which is optimised from a net perspective for our employees!

Interested? Questions? Recommendations? For more information, contact our recruiter Laila Bulteel directly via +32 2 801 46 86.


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