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acADDemICT track: Junior DevOps Consultant

Belgium, Belgium

Become our next Junior DevOps Consultant

Location: Clients’ office/Inetum-Realdolmen office/home office – BE

What’s it all about?

Work and participate in a two-month BizDevOps Bootcamp and get ready to streamline clients’ development, delivery, and observability processes. Ensure that technology leads to business value for our clients. Assist them in end-to-end projects and sub-sections of the DevOps process (cloud native/hybrid/traditional architecture).

Team up with the DevOps architect, implement and integrate best practices. Think: pipeline automation, built-in quality, security and end-to-end performance. Or share ideas on a technical level and assist the DevOps architect with integrating them into the bigger picture.

Need assistance? Tap into Inetum-Realdomen’s dedicated specialists’ expertise on topics like cloud technology, automation tooling, and monitoring tooling.

What’s our BizDevOps service team?

First of all: a closely knit team of 80 people, all with their own background and skills set. This team optimizes everything between idea or requirement and fully functional value adding software. Thanks to them, DevOps and BizDevOps achieve their ultimate goals.

Welcome to our people-focused team with a vibrant culture, wielding methods like Enterprise Portfolio Management, Agility Coaching, DevOps tooling, Continuous Delivery Coaching (ALM), test automation, and Advanced Observability/Monitoring.

Your training plan

Kick-off your career with a challenging and exciting BizDevOps Bootcamp. A two-month track that provides you with the knowhow you’ll need to dive into our BizDevOps and the IT landscape.

-        Based on Value Stream Thinking

-        A deep dive into dev, prod and all the steps, tools and methodologies

Your profile

-        Young graduate or young professional driven by all things DevOps, high-end cloud services, everything as-code, continuous integration & delivery pipelines, observability in released software, removing bottlenecks in the software delivery process… and preaching the gospel of all that on internal and external events – if that’s what makes you tick.

-        Experience in software delivery context (engineering, observability, testing…)

-        Passionate about programming and scripting languages, pipeline solutions, cloud services, container technologies, quality systems, source control and artifact repositories, and 5% of the CNCF Matrix. Quite the mouthful!

-        You’ve mastered English, in combo with Dutch or French

- Available on the starting date 01 September 2022

Your benefits

-        Learn and develop: continuous learning and development during training and beyond.

-        Shape your career: work at Belgium’s largest IT supplier and enjoy challenging projects and ample career opportunities.

-        Feel valued and stimulated: experienced colleagues guide you and provide honest feedback.

-        Work-life balance: flexible hours, satellite offices, work-from-home, and 32 days of annual leave.

-        Security: group and hospitalization insurance.

-        Mobility: company car and nationwide fuel card.

-        Great salary: optimized from a net perspective.


Apply now and join us as our next Junior DevOps Consultant!

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