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Christof Luyten


I spent my first month at Gfi in the Gfi Academy with 4 other new analyst-developers. Every day a subject-matter expert taught us about their particular domain of expertise. The Gfi Academy covered a large range of topics such as front-end development, agile development and business intelligence. At the end of the Gfi academy, we worked together on a project for a customer. Together, we built a software solution from scratch. The Gfi Academy is a good way to get to know the people working at Gfi. It was a good way to get to know my colleagues and it was an excellent introduction to the company in general.

Today, I’m part of the Innovation Team. We are exploring new technologies such as robotics and IoT. This is very challenging and exciting. I like the fact that I am working on innovative technologies and that we can learn from other innovation teams within the Gfi Group. For example, I work with a team in France to develop applications for the Pepper robot. I also collaborate with a team in Poland, where we work on IoT projects. I am learning a lot from working on these international projects. As I am interested in Artificial Intelligence, I really feel like being part of these teams is the right fit for me.

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