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Aron Pectoor

Salesforce Functional Consultant

Aron Pectoor has been working in the sector since 2008, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was soon behind him. Constantly brushing up on his ICT knowledge, he learned how to work with the American CRM package Salesforce. “My previous employer was a tobacco company, and I held a similar position in the Salesforce team there. I spent many hours working extremely hard, but I didn’t get much respect back. It felt like living for work, rather than the other way around. I didn’t want my life to be like that anymore.” So Aron decided to look for something better suited to him.
Despite the size of the company with around 2,000 employees, Aron ended up in a welcoming environment at Inetum-Realdolmen. “I don’t just feel like a number here. The human aspect is important at Inetum-Realdolmen – you can seize opportunities and choose your own path. Naturally, there’s also pressure to perform well, but it’s not all-encompassing. At Inetum-Realdolmen, you can work freely, without always having to think about all the short-term targets you need to achieve. And as an experienced employee, you’re also given a lot of responsibility.”


Realdolmen is part of the rapidly growing IT giant Inetum, until recently known as Gfi. “This means I get to enjoy the advantages of a very large SME and the interesting parts of a multinational company. This creates synergies between companies and departments that can learn from each other, including across national borders,” says Aron.
However, actually getting started at the company was much more of a challenge than choosing to work for Inetum-Realdolmen. “I joined the company on June 15, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. I’ve been on a rather unusual journey so far, and I’ve only seen my colleagues about five times in person. Approximately 95% of workshops and contacts with customers also take place online. This makes it a bit more complicated, but that’s the case with everything at the moment.”

Challenging projects

Aron can now shed some light on the ins and outs of his role. “In the Salesforce department, you have people focusing on operational tasks, who map out customers’ business needs using a thorough analysis, and you also have the ICT developers. For example, we’re currently working for Fost Plus, who want to switch to a new Salesforce system. We started by analyzing what they wanted to support with the system, ranging from helping existing customers to setting up marketing campaigns. After all, we want to help Fost Plus work with a positive digital flow, and that makes it an essential starting point for a project. This is the only way we can become a real trusted partner for them.
However, Aron’s job doesn’t just revolve around running analyses and technical acumen. Cooperation and human contact play an important role, too. “Contact with end customers is largely what attracted me to this job. Our team has almost daily meetings about the project at Fost Plus, albeit mainly online. We’re all in the same boat and need to keep moving forwards to deliver the project. It’s impossible to work at Inetum-Realdolmen if you don’t want to work together. The different roles and specialities need to be aligned to arrive at a finished whole.”


Aron can call on considerable experience to perform his job to perfection. It’s also his eagerness to learn that already makes him an indispensable Inetum-Realdolmen employee. “I’ve studied a lot in recent years to be able to work with ever newer and different types of software. Having this thirst for knowledge is key. Otherwise, our sector will be left behind. (laughs) As an experienced employee, you need to have a certain type of maturity.”

“I always want to broaden my knowledge,” he continues. “That was another reason behind the switch to Inetum-Realdolmen. Here, I can constantly brush up on my knowledge through projects and working with customers. This applies to Salesforce, too, as new modules and features are added every year. Internal training courses and opportunities to obtain new certificates are also very important, and Inetum-Realdolmen has lots of knowledge to offer. What’s more, if you feel like a change after a few years, transferring to another department within the Group is certainly encouraged and supported. If you know Inetum-Realdolmen’s mentality and way of working, you can achieve a lot.”

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